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Fresh Water Pearl and Onyx Pendant

Fresh Water Pearl and Onyx Pendant

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Go beyond the ordinary in this classic combination of black and white in a fresh new look.

The large square Freshwater pearl framed by the handwoven fine silver basket hanging from Onyx and sterling silver chain make this piece unique and interesting.

Metaphysical Properties:





It is has a sterling silver toggle clasp and it is  princess length (18 inches).

99.9% Fine Silver consists of 99.9% silver and .1% of another metal. This makes it  the purest silver you can have. It differs from 92.5% Sterling Silver  which is made of 92.5% silver, 7% copper and .5% of another metal. 99.9% Fine Silver is also softer and more malleable, enabling us to weave and shape the wire. The wire hardens as we work so that is stays in position when we are finished.

All the 99.9% silver and the 92.5% silver we use is lead free and nickel free.

Wear the necklace often and your body oil will prevent it from tarnishing. Store it in the packaging it is delivered in, and it will never tarnish!



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