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Design your own Charms of Power Bracelet

Charms of Power bracelets are designed to take
you through your day and give you the boost that you need from the power that
you want most.

Let's get started
  • 🌼 DAISY

    The power to realize
    new beginnings, spread happiness and show that you have a positive
    attitude toward life

  • 💙HEART

    The power of love, compassion and understanding. When you put love out into the universe it travels and finds its way back to you.


    The power of the continuous journey we experience in our lives and the lessons we learn along the way


    The power for your own personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty

  • 🐾 Dog Paw Prints

    The power that the love for your pet brings to you throughout your day. Affection and respect for your pet or of animals in general.

Message from Lori and Steve

Give a gift that gives back!

100% of proceeds from the sale of this amethyst bracelet are donated to the Canadian Women's Foundation to support women fleeing domestic violence.

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Pieces that catch your eye..and everybody elses!

My creative process begins with the materials themselves. The shape, colour, size and texture of the gems evoke a spirit and emotion that result in modern classic eclectic jewellery designs.

My continuous pursuit of new and sophisticated textile techniques allow me to create bold, conversation starting wearable jewellery art for you!

Perfect for discerning women who delight in creating their own style.

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