Design your own Charms of Power Bracelet

Charms of Power bracelets are designed to take you through your day and give you the boost that you need from the power that
you want most.

1. Personalize your own Charms of Power Bracelet with powers like:

🌼 Daisy

The power of new beginnings, spread happiness and show that you have a positive attitude toward life

💙 Heart

The power of love, compassion and understanding. It is life giving and often complex

⭕ Circle of Life

The power of the continuous journey we experience in our lives and the lessons we learn along the way

🌳 Tree of Life

The power of your personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty

2. Size it perfectly

Use a piece of string and a ruler to measure your wrist, add a half inch and that is your size. All bracelets are custom-made to fit you flawlessly.

3. Pick your colour:

Choose from 7 colours of genuine leather or 3 colours of vegan cork.

🐄 Leather: a symbol of power and protection, while giving you style and elegance

🌳 Cork: a symbol of preservation and renewal, while offering you a vegan option for a beautiful bracelet


⚫ Black: Mystery, power and elegance

🔵 Blue: Intuition, imagination and inspiration

🔴 Red:  Action, courage and passion

🔴 Red print: Action, courage and passion

⚉ Black and  white print: Timeless, nostalgic and naturally emotive


⚫ Black: Mystery, power and elegance

🔴 Red: Action, courage and passion

🟤 Natural: 0rganic, renewal, earthy

4. Express yourself + Share your story

Your bracelet is an expression of you. Share your story with others.


  • 1. What's your symbol

    Select a symbol that represents you and tells your story.

  • 2. Select your material

    Are your leather or cork? Carnivore or vegan?

  • 3. Choose your colour

    What colour fits with your personality and your wardrobe best?

  • 4. Tell your story

    Express yourself and share your story with others.